MUST READ: The Behenna Dilemma · Part II

Vicki Behenna, the Democrat nominee for Oklahoma County District Attorney, is currently arguing for a new trial for the now convicted Big Red Sports and Imports owner, Chris Mayes. After Behenna’s latest response submitted in federal court, things were not adding up to the point that a deep dive into the case was warranted. After a careful review of the trial transcript, it seems the question must be asked – What did Vicki Behenna know and when did she know it?

‘Gummy’ Evidence Submitted by Democrat DA Candidate

Wanting to spend some quality time with her only daughter that was just graduating high school, Wells was granted permission to travel to Branson, MO for Mother’s Day. However, Wells and her boyfriend disappeared on May 2nd, 2022 (the first day of their trip), have not been seen since, and both of their cell phones went dark that same day within 20 minutes of each other. While it could be argued that they are on the run, what happened next raises some serious questions.