HD-39 GOP Primary Candidate Comes Out of Left Field


In 2020, sometime around my Congressional campaign, I had a chance run-in with Erick Harris and exchanged contact info. Eager to capture his story for a profile on the HD-39 special election, I reached out to him.

He remembered our brief encounter and initially seemed open to an interview. After first expressing interest, Harris ultimately refused the interview with a curt text message saying, “I’m unable to participate.”

I asked him why he would not speak with me but he never answered. His silence sparked my curiosity which led me down a trail that may have profound implications for conservatives in House District 39.

From what I can gather, Erick Harris, the GOP candidate in HD-39, is very open about the fact that he used to be a Democrat. There’s nothing unusual about that – plenty of Oklahoma Republicans were once Democrats – but his journey was unique.

According to Harris, he became a Republican while hearing Nancy Pelosi speak at the Democratic National Convention in 2012. Harris didn’t watch her speech on TV. He saw Pelosi in person because Harris was a delegate to the convention.

In fact, Erick Harris was so delighted to be a delegate at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, he proudly gave an interview about his experience to the OU Daily.

After the convention, Harris said, “he loved seeing how a convention could energize and refocus a party. It also reinvigorated his own goals and solidified his vote for November.”

Harris told the reporter, “He particularly liked Bill Clinton’s speech. While he couldn’t tell you which speaker was the best, he said he would rank Clinton as his favorite, followed by Obama, Michelle Obama, Julian Castro and finally Jennifer Granholm.”

That last name, Jennifer Granholm, is President Biden’s Energy Secretary. She is perhaps best known as the Biden official who gushed about China’s approach to green energy and refused to fire her cross-dressing, luggage-stealing employee, Sam Brinton.

However, Harris made no mention of his newfound contempt for Nancy Pelosi in his interview with OU Daily. Nor did he mention the catharsis he had during her speech that instantly made him a Republican.

He did, however, provide the OU Daily with a picture of himself attending the convention – what picture did he share?

Erick Harris (right) with Nancy Pelosi at the 2012 DNC Convention

It’s a picture of Erick Harris and Nancy Pelosi. Yes, the same Nancy Pelosi whose speech Harris found so repulsive that he miraculously changed party affiliation during the midst of it.

Erick Harris was a lucky man. Earning a delegate spot at the Democratic National Convention is extremely competitive and requires a thorough understanding of the Democratic platform. Delegate positions only go to the most devoted members of the party.

While I acknowledge the possibility of genuine political evolution, the silence in the OU Daily about Erick Harris’s alleged transformation, paired with his refusal to even take an interview, left me no choice but to directly explore his campaign finances for a clearer picture of his current political stance.

Looking at Erick Harris’s campaign donation reports, the connections he made at the convention appear to be paying dividends. Erick Harris has received 54 contributions totaling $66,650. Almost 40% of that money came from out-of-state donors. However, contributions from Oklahoma donors are equally troubling.

Among the highlights are:

Rodney Bates, $500, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant at OU

Myla Calhoun, $250, “Preferred Pronouns” in LinkedIn bio

John Cannon, $500, “Preferred Pronouns” in LinkedIn bio

Lauren Collins, $200, “Preferred Pronouns” in LinkedIn bio

Preston Doerflinger, $500, resigned from OK Health Department after domestic violence allegations

Scott Fischer, $1000, former Dippin Dots CEO arrested for choking his girlfriend, found lying naked in his front yard

Charlisha Greene, $1000, Boeing Executive who praises Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programs for Reverse Discrimination

While that’s quite the lineup, it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what I found.

One donation stuck out as a sore thumb to me:

Kory and Karen Barn, who maxed out their donations at $2900, each with an address of 1330 Primrose, Washington DC, 20012:

  • This address does not exist;
  • A search of DC records shows no property owned by anyone with the last name of ‘Barn’ exists for any variation of ‘Primrose’ address in DC;
  • No online footprint of these people exists; and,
  • No prior donations exist for their names in FEC records.

Edmond voters deserve an explanation from Erick Harris on how he allegedly transformed himself from an enthusiastic Obama cheerleader to a self-proclaimed Christian conservative. Harris’s narrative, when weighed against the timeline’s inconsistencies and the tangible evidence, leaves me with an unfortunate reality: the facts simply do not add up.

My offer to interview Erick Harris still stands, as it will also provide him the opportunity to respond to what I’ve found.

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